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 Cliff George sent in the following:

Here is a 3/4 scale P-51 replica that stopped in at KSTF for gas today. The builder and owner is from Iowa.  It is a Titan Mustang T-51. Engine is a six cylinder Honda J35A @ 240 HP. Prop is a four blade Whirlwind.

A Look back in time: Aeronca Champ at Baldwyn, MS in early fifties.

We used to go out to the little sod strip on Saturday and Sunday afternoons to watch the airplanes take off and land. I thought pilots were almost super-human. Here is Bill Parton, one of the pioneering pilots of the area. The gentleman in the white shirt is Walter Greene, our rural mail carrier. John Melvin Duke recalls that his dad owned the Champ. He traded a jeep and a “some amount of cash” for it (I’ll bet it wasn’t much). John Melvin remembers the Champ was yellow with the teardrop-shaped stripe painted red.

(Thanks to Carl Houston and the Baldwyn Bearcat blog for the photo.)

Bill Parton and Walter GreeneEdit

Booneville-Baldwyn, April 30, 2016

Booneville-Baldwyn, April 30, 2016. Thanks to Alan Warfield for arrangements (and for this photo)

“We had a good crowd (around 30) considering the not so nice weather. The FAA seminar was very interesting, and we had some good pulled pork BBQ.” (Thomas Sippel, Chapter President”.

See Minutes from Chapter Secretary Gill Dishongh in Main Menu.

EAA STC for Dynon EFIS


EAA, in partnership with Dynon Avionics and the FAA, has been awarded a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to install Dynon’s EFIS-D10A in certain standard category aircraft. This breakthrough STC enables the inexpensive, but very capable, avionics that have served the experimental and light-sport worlds for decades to finally have a pathway into the type-certificated market. The Dynon system is a direct replacement for a vacuum-driven attitude indicator, and the STC currently applies to the Cessna 150, 152, and 172 series and the Piper PA-28 and PA-38 series. More aircraft are expected to be added soon.

EAA worked extensively with the FAA and Dynon to show compliance with regulations and develop a new certification pathway for safety-enhancing equipment. The long track record of the D10A product line and its conformity to a variety of industry standards helped it become the first device accepted by the FAA in this pioneering effort. In addition to Dynon’s proven reliability, the unit delivers a wealth of information to the pilot and even has an integrated angle of attack feature (with the installation of an optional probe). EAA installed the D10A in its 1976 Cessna 172M and submitted to a series of flight tests with an FAA test pilot, which went flawlessly.

EAA intends to begin selling the STC as soon as possible, hopefully later this spring, at a nominal price point in line with its existing autofuel STC. In addition to the D10A, more products are actively being explored as EAA is willing to work with other manufacturers to bring down costs and reduce barriers to recreational flying. Stay tuned for more details!


About 30 attended the March fly-in at Okolona. Minutes of the meeting are posted – see menu at right.

2016-03-19 - EAA Fly Inn Okolona 5A4 021

We had a good turnout at Monroe County Saturday for breakfast and our February meeting. See photos in Photo Gallery. Also minutes from the business meeting are posted.
Below: Cecil is cooking pancakes, but it’s hard to tell what Andy’s role was. The taster maybe?

Another Chapter member begins a project! Click Here.

Chapter member Carey Hardin’s Stearman featured

Steven Stopler’s photograph showing Carey Hardin (#469), John Laughter (#515), Jim Ratliff (#130) and Vic Syracuse (#393) in formation over Pensacola Beach during Veterans Flight 2015 is the back cover of the February 2016 issue of the Stearman Restorers Association magazine.stearmans


Airbus Tour January 30 2016

A good-sized group attended the interesting Airbus Tour conducted by Chapter president Thomas Sippel. Photo below shows the attendees. See more photos of the tour and also the lunch group in Matt Brignac’s hangar under Photo Gallery. Thanks to Matt for the lunch and the use of his hangar.

Airbus Tour Group

Airbus Tour Group

Allen Pepper’s new project: A Zenith CH 750 Cruzer.
Alan's pic

Allen’s wife Verla is shown in the workshop, along with the fuselage. Allen was very generous in buying Verla a recent expensive gift: A UL 350i engine! I know all our wives wish we could be so generous.

The Cruzer has a decent cruise speed (118 MPH) as compared with the STOL version, but has a longer takeoff roll: 350 ft. as compared with 100 ft for the STOL. 350 ft is not bad.

You can see more about this airplane at

The Pilot’s “Bill of Rights” bill, which eliminates the third-class medical, passed the Senate recently. It’s on to the House now. If you didn’t get emails today from either EAA or the AOPA you can read about it at and choose ‘News’.

About 65 Chapter members and friends enjoyed the Christmas party last Saturday night, December 5. We enjoyed a great steak dinner. Chapter T-shirts samples were presented along with an order sheet. If you weren’t there you will have an opportunity to order yours at a later Chapter meeting. See more photos in Photo Gallery.

Chapter President Thomas Sippel Jason Cantrell with a Chapter Service Award.

Chapter President Thomas Sippel presents Jason Cantrell with a Chapter Service Award for his work during the year as Treasurer.


GTR FAA / Chapter Meeting

There was a good turnout for the meeting Tuesday night (August 18). Thanks to Matt Brignac for hosting the event in his large hangar. Larry Wells made a presentation on safety issues relating to first flights. Jerry Greer briefed us on procedures near the Columbus Air Force Base. GTR Executive Director Mike Hainsey briefed the group on GTR operations. We enjoyed a delicious meal of fried catfish and frog legs prepared by Bobby Caldwell and helpers.



Aero English receiving Master Pilot Award from FAA Representative Larry Wells on April 11.

Top photo: Well-known pilot and Chapter 1189 member Aero English receiving the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award from FAA Representative Larry Wells on Saturday, April 11. We also heard an entertaining speech from former Astronaut and retired Brig. General Robert Stewart.

Aero also received recognition from the Monroe County Board of Supervisors. And Aubie Pearman read Mississippi House Resolution 135 commending Aero for his long service in the State. These formalities were preceded by an Honor Guard presentation of the Colors and the singing of our National Anthem. We had a very good turnout, with about 30 airplanes flying in. See more photos under ‘Photo Gallery’.

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